Emsisoft HiJackFree Process Info:

Filename: runservice.exe
Default path: %winpath%\
[Note: %winpath% is usually c:\windows or c:\winnt (Win NT4 and 2000) on English systems]
Operating systems: Win 98/ME, Win NT4, Win 2000, Win XP, Win 2003
Software name: eLicense
Company name: ViaTech Technologies, Inc.
Company website:
Is part of products: zMUD
Runs as service: Yes
Is visible task: No
Status: 0 - No Malware
Description: The runservice.exe process is used with the eLicense copy protection system that is used with certain programs/games. If this process is not running, programs or games that use eLicense may not work. So, if possible you should leave this process running, unless it is causing problems for your system. The eLicense System is used by software and digital content publishers to combine e-commerce and license management with applications and content. Trial licensing, direct purchase, web store purchase, pre-arranged license delivery, download and/or physical shipment, and other functionalities may be included. Purchased licenses are acquired via an internet connection to the eLicense servers.

Block/Allow runservice.exe: Emsisoft Anti-Malware Behavior Blocker

Recommendation for runservice.exe:
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