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Filename: n52tehid.exe
Default path: %programpath%\n52te\
[Note: %programpath% is usually c:\program files on English systems]
Operating systems: Win XP, Win 2003
Software name: n52teHid.exe
Company name: Razer USA Ltd
Company website: http://www.razerzone.com
Is part of products: n52te drivers
Runs as service: No
Is visible task: No
Status: 0 - No Malware
Description: n52teHid.exe is the razerhid MFC Application for the n52te game pad made by Belkin & Razer, I haven't been able to get any solid info, but it seems it has to do with recording, so if it's similar to razerhid.exe then it's able to record inputs which would make sense since it's a fully programmable device. I do know that the file is part of the driver/software package. Product website: http://www.n52te.com/ updates links take you to Belkin's site.

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