Emsisoft HiJackFree Process Info:

Filename: KeyLover21.exe
Default path:
Operating systems: Win 98/ME, Win NT4, Win 2000, Win XP, Win 2003
Software name: KeyLover
Company name: KernelTek
Company website:
Is part of products:
Runs as service: No
Is visible task: Yes
Status: 4 - Spyware, Adware, HiJacker
Description: KernelTek is a private company formed by a gathering of IT, electronics, and communications engineers. The headquarters, located in France is led by the major European engineering company, Maxal Systems. The company is functionally divided into three main sections; sales, R&D, and engineering. The coincidence of many expertise and professions has enabled KernelTek develop solutions for a wide range of applications in the industry. Software development is in primary focus at KernelTek for now. However, electronic and digital design for communications, instrumentation and control is among the possibities. KernelTek has provided solutions in the fields of DSP based systems, FPGA designs; microcontroller based electronics, and industrial electronics, as well as communications board and system level implementations.

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