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Y Normally harmless autorun.
N Not required, but may be started.
U User's choice. Start if necessary.
X Definitely not required. Usually Malware.
? Unknown


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Found 3127 autoruns. Autorun 3101 to 3127:

StatusAutorun nameCommandDescription
XSystryt[path to worm]Added by the AUTEX WORM!
XSystUphesalgesetp.exeAdded by the QQPASS-AM TROJAN!
USystweak Ad and Popup Blockeradblock.exeAd and popup blocker part of Advanced System Optimizer from Systweak
USystweak Memory Optimizermemtuneup.exePart of SysTweak Advanced System Optimizer
Xsystwtraytwitty**.exe [** = random digits]Added by the KOOBFACE.C WORM!
Xsysusysu.exeDynamic Desktop Media adware - see here
Xsysug32.exesysug32.exeAdded by an unidentified TROJAN or WORM!
XSysUpdSysupd.exeVirtuMonde adware
Xsysupdatecmman32.exeAdded by a variant of the SDBOT WORM!
XSysUtilssmss.exeAdded by the AUTORUN-AWW WORM! Note - this is not the legitimate smss.exe process which is always located in %System% and should not normally figure in Msconfig/Startup! This one is located in %UserProfile%
XSysvupexSysvupex.exeAdded by the MEDIAS TROJAN!
Xsysvxsysvx_.exeAdded by the LOOSKY-BX TROJAN!
USysW8csta.exeClean Space internet evidence eliminator
USYSWB6SYSWB6.exePart of We-Blocker - gives parents the opportunity to monitor their children's Internet access and provide them with age-appropriate content, while filtering out sites that contain adult content. Works in conjunction with Winkb6 and both files are needed to run We-Blocker
XSysWinSysWin.exeAdded by the IRCCONTACT TROJAN!
Xsyswinv6.exeAdded by the AGENT-ECM TROJAN!
Xsyswin.txt[3 random letters].exeAdded by a variant of the SPYBOT WORM! See here
Xsyswin32syswin32.exeAdded by a variant of the SPYBOT WORM!
XSyswindowSyswindow.exeAdded by the COW TROJAN!
XSysWyrundll32.exeAdded by the LINEAGE-JH TROJAN! Note - this is not the legitimate rundll32.exe process, which is found in %Windir% (98/ME) or %System% (NT/2K/XP)
XsysX3sys22.exeAdded by the RANTS.C WORM!
Xsysygm32syscxd32.exeAdded by the IRCBOT-PC TROJAN!
Xsysygm64winrxd64.exeAdded by the IRCBOT-RK TROJAN!
XSyZf1.exeAdded by the MSNDIABLO.A WORM!
XSyzmy3exp1orer.exeAdded by the LINEAG-AIO TROJAN! Note the number "1" in the filename
XSyztMyexpiorer.exeAdded by the LINEAG-AIN TROJAN!
USZMsgSvc.exeSZMsgSvc.exeStopZilla! - pop-up killer
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