Autorun Details: Daemon

Name: Daemon
Command: DAEMON32.EXE
Status: Not required, but may be started.
Description: Pre-loads game profiles for MS Sidewinder game controllers prior to release 2.0 of the software. Recommend upgrade. Available via Start -> Programs

Name: daemon
Command: daemon.exe
Status: Not required, but may be started.
Description: Older version of Daemon Tools Lite from DT Soft Ltd - used to create an image of a CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc and mount the created image-file (.iso, .bin, etc) to a virtual CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive. The original can be stored in a safe place and the loading times are significantly reduced as the virtual drive is much faster. Required on later revisions if you use the automount feature to reload images on a reboot. This version is free for personal use and has a limited feature set

Name: Daemon
Command: daemon.exe c daemon2.exe
Status: Definitely not required. Usually Malware.
Description: Added by the SELOTIMA.A WORM!

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